‘Inside Line: The Recap’ answers burning questions

May 23, 2020 ‘Inside Line: The Recap’ answers burning questions

Erebus Motorsport has announced that a bonus episode of the hit docu-series ‘Inside Line: A season with Erebus Motorsport,’ will air next week.

The eight-part documentary came at the perfect time and provided fans with unheralded access to the most colourful team in Supercars.

Team owner Betty Klimenko said the bonus episode, initiated by the team, was a chance for fan questions to be answered and for the team to address storylines that it felt were left incomplete.

“Five hundred hours of vision was edited to fit into eight one-hour episodes, so of course a lot was left out,” Klimenko said.

“The decision to do this extra episode was because we wanted to answer some of the things the fans wanted to know and wrap up what we thought were ‘lose ends’ so to speak.

“Obviously, the year didn’t go the way I thought it would go, but in saying that, I thought the series was brilliant.

“There are no skeletons in the closet. In the end we are a family and that’s what the series shows. The good, the bad and the ugly.”

The one-hour special is unlike the original episodes and is described as an “after show” hosted by Chris Stubbs and Andrew Jones.

Premiering Tuesday 26th May on the Erebus TV YouTube channel, FOX SPORTS (channel 506) on Foxtel and Foxtel NOW and Kayo Sports, the ninth episode continues some of the storylines and interviews key members of the team who share what it was like watching the series back, how they really felt about some of the circumstances, and what really went on behind closed doors.

The extra episode features new interviews with the main players in the series; Betty Klimenko, Barry Ryan, Dennis Huijser, Alistair McVean, Mirko De Rosa, Luke Youlden, Will Brown, David Reynolds and Anton De Pasquale.

Viewers can expect never been seen footage and interviews, including answers to several burning questions from the feedback: Why did Barry walk out at the Gold Coast? Luke Youlden’s reaction; Barry’s reaction to well-documented scenes; David’s take on the Scott McLaughlin relationship and what happened with Nikita?

Currently, the entire docu-series can be watched on demand on Foxtel and Kayo Sports, as well as on the team’s and Supercar’s Youtube channels, ensuring there is plenty of time to binge watch it before the bonus episode premieres on Tuesday.

In addition, the team announced earlier this year it will be releasing a second season, following it’s 2020 Supercars campaign, which will delve deeper behind-the-scenes and explore more personal stories.