It may seem a little early to begin talking about the season start, but with the shakedown of David Reynolds’ newest chassis complete and the year’s first official test day only five days away, it’s hard to contain the excitement.

After an intense off-season of design and development, Reynolds hit the track for the first time at Phillip Island yesterday, putting his new machinery through its paces for 60-kilometres.

“Yesterday was really a day to just iron out any little issues you have with anything new,” Reynolds said.

“It was a productive day, we got through a lot of stuff and it was good to get some laps back in a Supercar.

“It was really positive and the new car didn’t have any major issues, so we were able to start to get an understanding of the aero package, which is a big change for us this year.”

The car is the fourth that the team has built since its switch to Holden, after teammate Anton De Pasquale was handed a new car of his own last October.

Named “Eventus” by team owner Betty Klimenko, after the God of Success, the team are hopeful it will bring some good fortune.

“Hopefully 2020 will be a very competitive year for the whole category,” Reynolds said.

“Although it’s still early, the new car feels wonderful so I am really excited to see what we can do.”

Revised aerodynamics, and retuned engines have all been introduced this season, though teams won’t get a feel of the new controlled damper until the official pre-season test at Tailem Bend.

“Yesterday was a good chance to learn the new aero package at a very aero sensitive circuit, so we are very happy with how it went down,” Head of Engineering, Alistair McVean said.

“Initial impressions of the new aero are positive and I think the category has achieved what they set out to achieve.

“It gives us a good head start on understanding those changes before we get to Tailem Bend, and though we still have to add the new dampers to the car, having a bit of knowledge about the aero before we get there is a good thing.”

The team head to the next Tuesday’s SuperTest with two of the newest cars on the grid, before heading to the Superloop Adelaide 500 on February 20 – 23.