Before the team headed off for a well-deserved break, we grabbed David for a quick download on his 2019 season…


This time last year, you said ‘’Personally I think it’s been the greatest season I’ve ever had; both with the results, and the up and down moments we’ve shared.’’ How would you compare last year with 2019?

DR: Last year was definitely better than this year based on results. This year was tracking to be an even better year until about halfway through the season when we sort of lost our way a bit. We lost a bit of speed and had some crashes and some mechanical failures that sort of mitigated the result from being better. It’s been a challenging year It’s been a challenging year but we’ve learned a lot about the team and hopefully it can set us up to be better next year.


What has been the biggest frustration for you/hardest part?

DR: Just some small stuff that went wrong that we could do better. We didn’t win a race this year which was very frustrating. We only had one pole in Townsville, which is even more frustrating. The speed of the car just wasn’t there which is the hardest part because the speed is everything in racing.


What is the biggest positive from the season?

DR: Regardless of everything on and off the track we have still maintained the same crew. They still want to turn up and win as much as the drivers do, they have the same internal drive to win races as the drivers do.


What are you most proud of regarding the team/crew?

DR: Definitely what happened at Bathurst. What they did to rebuild the car in the space of time they had to do it and they didn’t have to rebuild it after that. Everyone was buggered but they got it done. They did an amazing job. I drove that same car for the next couple of rounds. Then also Anton’s crash the same weekend and they fixed that car after that. They had a lot of repairs to do which is not good for any team but they smashed it!


You signed the biggest contract ever in Supercars and one of the biggest in Australian sport. That’s pretty awesome as far as loyalty goes from both sides.

DR: Yeh its an elite club! Loyalty is quite hard to find in this sport and when you find it you stick by it and that goes both ways. Besides the security I fit well in this team. We have done extremely well together and hopefully we continue to do well together.


Speaking of big things, the team won the Supercars fan award for the Best Presented Team as well as some media awards for the KISS campaign. How important is it to have fun with the sport to help promote it for the fans and supporters?

DR: You have to be creative and stand out from the crowd and the KISS thing was one of the best things we did all year. Our team won the Best Presented Team Award which is so well deserved. The amount of updates to the livery we did like the KISS campaign – it sucked that they didn’t end up playing but it was still such a well rolled our campaign. Everything looked amazing, the photos with the cars and fireworks that we had. Everyone played the role properly with the face paint and suits. So much went into it. Their stage performance has so much go into it that we had to match it and we did. We did everything right at our end.

My favourite look though was the Retro Round. The JPS car was mega, it looked really cool.


You finished 6thin the Championship without a win, which is only one place behind where you finished last year. There is obviously a good base there and every reason to be positive for next year.

DR: We were tracking to finish in the Top 4 until the last few rounds and that’s what made us drop back a bit. It’s a good base, its consistent I suppose but in a race team you are competitive, and you want to be much further up. There are probably a lot of people who finished 10, 11, 12, or 15thwho would love to be sixth, but not me, I want to be higher.


Last year you went on a big overseas holiday in the off-season. What are your plans this year?

DR: I have no plans whatsoever yet, but I need to get away. I think its good for you mentally, so I need to plan something quite quickly. The last two months have been hectic, I’ve had no time to do anything, so I need to I need to organize something as my girlfriend only has two weeks off, not a month like me.