Another season under his belt and it is to no surprise that Anton has showed plenty more promise in his second year with the team.

With even a couple podiums now under his belt, we caught up with the young gun before he headed off for a well-deserved break…


You just finished your second full season in Supercars. How would you rate your year?

ADP: Generally, it was a pretty good year with plenty of things to be happy about, but equally there were a lot of things to be disappointed about too. There were just things we could have done better and some missed opportunities, but overall it was pretty good.


You said one of your goals this year was to finish in the Top 10 and you were there for a while but for some bad luck towards the season’s end. What have been the biggest lessons you’ve learned in 2019 about the good times and the disappointments in Supercars?

ADP: We probably generally didn’t maximize what we could have got points wise, which then put us where we ended in the finishing position, but there’s always another race and you always learn from it, whether it’s a good or bad one you learn something. I have seen that you learn just as much from a bad result as you do from a good one and that’s important to avoid doing the same thing again.


You scored your first podiums in Supercars at PI and Tailem Bend. Do you have a favourite of the two? Why?

ADP: No, not really. Both podiums were a great feeling. It’s always good to get your first one obviously but the second one felt just as good and I am sure that every one after that will be too. You work just as hard for every result; it’s just getting silver at the end of it is always a great feeling.


You often say you want to get results for the team to reward them for all their hard work. How much has Mirko and your crew contributed to your successes?

ADP: Everything. Everyone puts in such long hours, whether it’s the guys and girls on the floor or the engineering staff or the staff at the office. Obviously, the driver does too by driving the car, but it’s a team sport as much as any other team sport. More focus is put on the driver from the outside, but it’s an all-in team effort. The results are just as rewarding or disappointing for them as it is for me.


Did you feel any pressure of expectation this year being your second year?

ADP: No one can put more pressure on me than I put on myself so there is no external pressure because I know what I want to achieve and what I expect of myself.


You extended your contract with the team this year, what are your goals for 2020?

ADP: I’m planning on having a lot better year next year. We got a couple of podiums this year which was good, but I know we are capable of more and that we can aim for race wins and a lot more podiums next year, so we will be aiming to be up there somewhere every race.


Is there much difference between Anton on the track and Anton off the track?

ADP: That’s probably a better question for my family or friends 😊. At the track you are obviously there for racing and focusing on your job. It’s important and so many people put so much effort in that you want to give 100% every time, so I am pretty focused at the track.  Away from the track I’m definitely more chilled and relaxed.


It’s been a long and busy year, will you be heading off on any holidays or having a quiet break?

ADP: I’m having a quiet one. I’m not going on any big holidays anywhere. No big plans, just winging it. I’ll just hang around in Melbourne for a bit, maybe head up to the Gold Coast and hang with some friends up there for a bit. Go to the beach, get a tan and chill. All my friends and family are working up till Christmas, so I have to wait till they knock off work to hang with them.