Have you ever wondered how we transport two cars, the contents of our garage and all the equipment required for a race weekend?

We spoke to Penrite Racing’s Transporter Operator Tim Jennings to tell us exactly what is involved.

There’s no better place to start than the pack, particularly this weekend, when the trucks aren’t actually parked at the circuit.

That’s right, they are off at a shipping yard nearby, so we require extra containers to store all those important parts, like spare panels and consumables, close by.

“The pack is similar to what we do for Gold Coast; the cars and the heavier, bulkier stuff will travel in the truck, but to save travelling back and forth, we pack the spare panels and consumables in the container,” Tim said.

“The weight is of the transporter is usually around 55-tonne, so we lose about 5 of those with what we pack across the two containers.”

With everything packed, it’s now a matter of getting it there.

Containers left last Friday, while Tim drove our Westar Truck Centre MAN D38 prime mover, with two trailers in tow, Monday night.

He arrived into Newcastle yesterday evening and has since split the two trailers before heading to the track.

“We arrive at the shipping yard and unhook the A-trailer, to bring the B into pitlane first.

“Once the boys start unloading that I then go back and hook up the A to bring that onto the front straight.

“We have 2.5 hours to unload and then I do the same thing in reverse to take them back.

“This is all done under an escort with the Course Car leading the transporter groups in the time allocated.”

We do our best to ensure we’ve got everything we need, and prioritisation is a huge player when we have limited space to store items.

“If we need anything we run back around and pick stuff up, which we can guarantee will happen at some point.

“Considering the game we are in and especially around this concrete jungle, we need to be prepared for whatever is thrown at us.”

After all of that and the racing is done, the whole process is repeated for the way home.