Penrite Racing’s David Reynolds settled for ninth and Anton De Pasquale 14th following a tough race at Queensland Raceway today.

Locking out the fourth row for Anton’s 50th race start, both Penrite Racing Commodores got off the line steady, though David got the jump on Anton to steal 7th place.

He got past at the start but later lost two spots to ninth, and Anton 12th, with a lot of argy-bargy in the opening laps.

At the end of lap 18, David pitted from third on the road, handing control of the race over to Anton before he completed the final stop the following lap.

Pit stops were certainly improved, though a delay on the right-side of David’s car saw the #9 Holden re-join the field in 15th.

The team reacted with a quick stop the second time around; Anton returning in front of his teammate in 12th.

A seven-car train for ninth emerged in the late stages of the 39-lapper and David made his way to the front of it, while Anton didn’t have the same luck. The #99 was stuck behind Todd Hazelwood and was later hit off by the Holden driver at Turn 2.

With only two laps left to run, Anton was never able to recover, though still racked up his best-ever Ipswich result of 14th after Hazelwood was handed a 15-second penalty for the incident.


DAVID REYNOLDS – Started: 8th, Finished: 9th

“Our cars were separated by literally nothing in qualifying and we were where I expected to be. You don’t know how fast you want your car in qualifying because you can’t change it for the race due to parc ferme; so you don’t know how aggressive or conservative others have gone. We were somewhere in the middle.

“I had an average start of the race and was only able to maintain my stop before the first pit stop. I didn’t get the best stop and stalled to make it worse; some days just aren’t your day. I really enjoyed the racing though; I had fresher tyres than the people I was catching, and I was happy to pick off everyone and out-strategize them to get to the front.”


ANTON DE PASQUALE – Started: 7th, Finished: 14th

“Qualifying wasn’t bad, we were able to get out selves in a decent position but unfortunately I didn’t make the most out of the start. I ended up back in a battle where I shouldn’t have been the entire race and it made it really hard. It was full-on and unfortunately it ended in contact at the end there.

“Tomorrow we need to try qualify up the front again, ideally better than where we were today and then be able to keep good pace during the race so we’re racing further up the front. I think if we can do that we’ll be in for a better day.”