An update from Thursday practice at Perth as the drivers had their first taste of Barbagallo under lights.

Track resurfacing over summer saw the practice/qualifying lap record surpassed by majority of the field, before eventually beating it by over 1.5-seconds.


David Reynolds – 5th– 0:53.6152

“Practice was pretty unusual today, being on a new surface is so bizarre and very different. I drove out of pit lane and thought I was going a million miles an hour and it took majority of the session to get used to it.

“Otherwise, the car balance wasn’t too bad, the performance was alright and we ended up 5th. We’ve got a lot to look over tonight and make the car better for tomorrow, but hopefully we will come out stronger.”


Anton De Pasquale – 7th– 0:53.7257

“There’s obviously a lot more grip out there last year with the new surface, and the lap record has dropped considerably so it will be interesting to see what times we can do in qualifying tomorrow.

“It was a good first session though, and great to have a taste of the circuit under lights before the race tomorrow. It’s a very different circuit to Sydney last year, but it did seem lighter in some spots. The lighting isn’t consistent across the track but there certainly wasn’t anywhere we were struggling to see which is what we want and an improvement on last year.”