An update from practice and how it will play its part in tomorrow’s qualifying.

David has finished Friday third on the timesheets and gone straight into Qualifying Part 2 tomorrow.

Only 0.1-seconds outside the top ten, Anton finished 17thand will take the long route in tomorrow’s qualifying, with the bottom 15 vying for five places in the first session.

From that, the top ten cars go into the final qualifying session.

DAVID REYNOLDS – 3rd0:50.5858

“Today went really well, we rolled out of the truck with Luke pretty fast. We made good changes when I jumped in for Practice 1 and felt really confident with the car. We carried on into Practice 2, but I stuffed up one of my runs and we lost a bit of time there and ended up going out on greens quite late. That was good because the track was free, but I had people on cool down laps in my way, but it was still good enough to be third overall and do the job we were meant to do today.

“Tomorrow there’s a higher risk of being knocked out in Qualifying 1 because only five get through, but in Qualifying 2 ten get through so the worst we will be is 14thtomorrow.”

ANTON DE PASQUALE – 17th0:50.9837

“We didn’t go as well as we would have liked at the end of today which means we have to go through the longest process to qualify with the riskiest session. With only four making it through out of 14 Qualifying Part 1 is the highest risk session of the weekend so it would have been a good one to avoid, but I think we have a good enough car to get through.

“Generally, our car was okay today, we just didn’t get the new tyre working that well. We have another practice again tomorrow morning ahead of qualifying, but I don’t think our car is too far away, we just need to get the newer tyre working to get more of a gain.”