Penrite Racing’s David Reynolds has just missed today’s podium, hurling up 8 spots to 4th in Race 9 of the Championship.


Starting from 12th, the #9 driver got a brilliant start, moving from ninth to twelfth before the end of the opening lap.


Teammate Anton De Pasquale followed, but dropped one spot in the opening stage.


With the new rules for pitlane being closed under Safety Car, Anton avoided the threat and pitted as early as lap 5.


David stayed out a further two laps to dodge the congestion, pitting from the top spot on lap 7.


Superb stops by the crew saw David emerge effective fourth on the re-join, where he eventually finished after another 14 laps.


A battle formed for 8thand Anton, in the same position he started, pressured the pack in front.


With no better tyres though, he was unable to make a pass and could only capitalise on other’s errors to secure 12thbefore the chequered flag.


The points collected today sees David bump up to third in the Driver’s Championship, the first of the Holden’s.


David Reynolds – Started: 12th, Finished: 4th

“We just didn’t get the tyre turned on hard enough for qualifying today, but I knew it was going to have a good race car. I got a good start in the race, passed a couple cars off the start line and thankfully we pitted a couple laps later then everyone else in the strategy and that’s what portably gave us our position. We made up heaps of spots, came out third on road but lost it to Heimgartner on the front straight. I just managed the position after that but otherwise it was a fantastic job by the crew, they did one of their best pit stops and I owe it to them, it was a very good result for the team.”


Anton De Pasquale – Started: 13th, Finished: 12th

“We didn’t get the most out of qualifying, we struggled a bit getting the most out of the new tyres, so we didn’t start where we could have or should have. We knew we had a good race car because we did a simulation in practice. After our stop I got stuck in a big battle and it was quite difficult to pass, so we weren’t able to gain any spots, based on where we pitted and who we pitted around. We know we’ve got a good package so I’m confident heading into tomorrow.”