Penrite Racing’s David Reynolds and Anton De Pasquale are off to a solid start at Symmons Plains, the pair claiming sixth and ninth in the opening race.

When the lights went out at the start, David got the jump on Shane van Gisbergen to seize fourth before the first turn.

Anton, too, starting from his season-best of eighth, exploited the situation and muscled past Tim Slade to take 7th.

David then pushed past Fabian after the hairpin to claim third. The pair tussled and David did his best to keep the #17 at bay but settled into fourth by lap five.

The Penrite pair maintained their positions until the first round of stops.

David stopped early on lap 18 but an issue at the right rear held him up and he dropped behind James Courtney as the field re-settled.

Anton stopped just two laps later, re-joining behind his teammate, the duo now 5thand 9th.

Chaz Mostert rounded out the top ten and began to close on Anton and though several attacks, Anton was able to hold him off, forcing the #55 to sit behind.

Shane van Gisbergen was the last to pit and returning on 12-lap fresher tyres, the #97 moved past, David settling for 6thbefore the flag.

DAVID REYNOLDS – Started: 5th, Finished: 6th

“I am happy but not fully satisfied with today, I think we should have been higher up in qualifying and I missed my last tyre run in qualifying which was the last tyre set I needed to find a tenth and put myself on the front row which I think my car was good enough for.

“I got a very good start, I passed van Gisbergen trying to go around the outside of Fabian at Turn 1 and went around the outside of him at Turn 4, dragged past him down the straight to be third. We came in for our pit stop and instead of having a 5-second stop I had an 11-second stop so lost some time which put me out around 6thand that was the best I could do. If I had that five seconds, we probably could have been just outside the podium if not third.”


ANTON DE PASQUALE – Started: 8th, Finished: 9th

“We started off having to go the long way through qualifying, not doing a good job yesterday in practice. We managed to take a risk in the first qualifying to use only one set and just make I through and ended up making it all the way to the final session. We finished eighth to start the race there and I had a reasonable start and made a spot. I lost a couple spots after the pit stop and emerged in front of Mostert. We battled hard for about 20 laps and held my spot to finish safely inside the top ten. We’re in a good spot heading into tomorrow.”